Custom Teeth Whitening Review

Hi guys!! So sorry for the short break – finals just about killed me, y’all. Luckily, I’m now home for Christmas break and my fall classes are just a memory now. Thank goodness. I’ve been SO excited to share with you guys this product I’ve been using for a few weeks now. As an avid … Continue reading Custom Teeth Whitening Review


How to Survive Finals Week

It’s almost that time of year when all college students disappear into the depths of the library and drown in a pool of papers, exams, and stress. We’re just weeks away: finals week. Finals week is the most dreaded week of the semester for everyone, no matter what year in college you are. It's all … Continue reading How to Survive Finals Week

Blog Review: Essential Undergrad

An awesome post about my blog!! Love this so much! It’s so awesome to hear that people are enjoying my tips and snippets of advice. Go check out Kelsey’s review of Essential Undergrad!

College Inside

Hello readers, this post is special because I am reviewing a blog site on WordPress that I find inspiring, and I think you will too. The blog is called Essential Undergrad and the author, Brooklyn, talks about the college lifestyle, offers tips, and gives an inside about her senior year and more. I especially liked one of her most recent blogs, “Why I Went Through Sorority Recruitment,” because in this post she tells her story of going through recruitment, why she went through, and what she got out of it.

Just like me she is in her senior year of college and just experienced her last recruitment. Realizing we have a connection, I read on. Like me, the beginning of freshman year was tough when trying to make friends, so Brooklyn decided to go through recruitment to find some. She anticipated not to take a bid, only to…

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